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June 2012:

Every month, I post a list of the best books I've read that month. Having spent most of June filming series on location or rehearsing and performing musicals in theatres, almost everything I read last month was a script of some kind. The majority of these scripts were fantastic, but they aren't why you are at this particular blog, so I won't ramble on about them here. Let me recommend to you two of the novels I squeezed in last month:

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, a verse novel from the POV of a captured gorilla. For ages 9 and up, and for families to share and read aloud. Bring plenty of Kleenex.

Parallelogram, Book 2: Caught in the Parallel by Robin Brande, the second volume in a creative series about a girl who travels to a parallel universe and befriends her alternate self. I anxiously await the next volume. Give this series to people who watch Fringe. (I am now imagining these books on Olivia and Peter's bookshelf...)

Check in at the end of July/beginning of August to discover my picks for July. In the meantime, check out my other booklists (organized by topic, age group, time period, etc) and click through the "Best of" tag on my blog.