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November 2016: 16 books and scripts read

The days and weeks have been long, and yet it seems as though this year has been flying past. Almost everything I read this month was a script or a short story. Speaking of short stories, I recently used the word "creepypasta" in conversation for the first time while discussing the origins of the television show Candle Cove. (Note: I liked the show. Also, I prefer actual pasta to creepypasta.)

Back to books: Nothing from this month's reading log really stood out, but if you're looking for books for yourself or for others this holiday season, I have plenty of recommendations. Have a peek at the booklists I've created and curated, and feel free to leave a comment at the blog if you'd like personalized recommendations - simply tell me the age and interests of the reader(s), any specific genres or topics you/they would like, and I'll give you some titles and authors to check out!

For example, if you liked Stranger Things or Candle Cove and you're in the market for nostalgia mixed with horror, you should read Strangewood by Christopher Golden (in which the protagonist enters a fantasy world-turned-nightmare of his own design), Straight on 'til Morning by Christopher Golden (a coming-of-age story/retelling of Peter Pan set in 1981), and The Boys Are Back in Town by Christopher Golden (a high school reunion leads to events that change both the past and the present). You should read them right now.